The World Games

About the project

The clients made themselves very clear: it was supposed to be the leading website in Poland for the World Games 2017. After a little more than two months, the page was alive and kicking, and the client satisfied with the result.

The World Games is a massive enterprise. 500,000 sports fans from all over the world and 3,500 contenders from 100 countries are expected to show up in Wroclaw.

Comprehensive and functional

While building the website the greatest challenge for us was to gather a comprehensive collection of adequate photographs to match the descriptions of very interesting though quite elitist disciplines, such as korfball, finswimming or rollerskating. The team working on the project had to carefully plan the design of the website so that on the one hand it allowed easy access to such information as tournament agenda or discipline list, and on the other – effectively put across the idea behind The World Games, familiarised the users with The World Games Legacy program, and, last but not least, promoted the host city of Wroclaw and what it had to offer. Have we managed to pull that through? Check by visiting the official website of TWG2017.


The World Games

The World Games is the world’s largest sports event for non-Olympic disciplines. In 2014 we won the competition for creating the event’s website. We are proud that we can participate in organising such a major sports event.


information architecture, optimisation, mobile, webdevelopment, front-end, webdesign, UX/UI, copywriting, analysis, responsive web design, conception

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