About the project

Wielton is a Polish and European leader in the production of trailers and trolleys. The company is listed on the Wroclaw Stock Exchange and operates on several world markets. Wielton’s new multilingual website was supposed to have a mainly sales and marketing character, and the client expected it would present the company as befits a true market leader.

Web audit is a key

Before we set down to actual work on building Wielton’s webpage, we conducted painstaking analyses of the competition’s online services and carefully examined the statistics of the company previous website, consulting all our findings and suggestions with the client. Comprehending the specificity of the industry and preparing the site’s most crucial component – product offer corresponding to the ‘tricks of the trade’ – constituted the greatest challenge while working on this project.

The final outcome – a transparent multilingual website which has already become a model for the entire trailer and trolley production sector – has also marked the beginning of a long-term and fulfilling cooperation between Wielton and us at Lama Media.



Wielton S.A. is a Polish company and a leading trailer manufacturer. It has factories in Italy, France and Russia, as well as sales branches in Belarus and Ukraine. It has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. Since February 9, 2015 Wielton S.A. has the status of a Centre for Research and Development awarded by the Ministry of Economy.


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