Wroclaw University of Technology admission site

About the project

According to independent rankings, Wroclaw University of Technology is the top higher education institution in Lower Silesia and one of the best in Poland. Its online enrolment service constituted part of the WUT’s promotional campaign the execution of which befell to our responsibilities.

New design, easier entrollment

Designing and implementing an online enrolment service for prospective students of a leading technological university is bound to be a huge challenge. Apart from having to present an extensive didactic offer, the site also had to operate a range of dedicated modules for calculating enrolment ratios – we were thus confronted with the task of building an online service which would at the same time provide its users with the essential information and put forward some vital promotional content.

The website has proven a great success – it enjoyed huge popularity with users during the enrolment process, and at its peak was visited as many as 37,000 times!


Wroclaw University of Technology admission site

Wrocław University of Technology is a public higher education institution based in Wrocław. In annual rankings it is ranked among the leading universities and first among technical universities in Poland. It has over 33,000 students.


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