How we work

What is the cost of building a webSITE or an app?

The price depends on the service’s complexity and the scope of our work involved in creating it. Our creative process is tailor-made to building medium and large web services and thus, prices normally start at 8000 EUR. Since we work in Scrum, it’s impossible for us to undertake projects that are not big enough to be executed by a Scrum teams. Of course, when our job is a UI/UX or web design only, the price is considerably lower.

What are the forms of settlement?

We always divide the overall cost of implementing a web design into several parts and settle our accounts with clients after each completed stage of the process. The first stage is usually analysis and specification which, depending on a given project, generally makes up for 5 – 15% of the budget. In the case of particularly complex projects, i.e. those the costs of which cannot be adequately specified at the onset, we rely on hourly settlements. Each team in our company is subject to a system of task and time tracking; if need be, a survey of tracked hours may be presented upon request so that the clients may rest assured that they are paying only for the exact time devoted to the realization of their specific projects.

How long does it take to build a website?

Usually the entire process takes from one to several months. A vital factor in facilitating progress is the client’s swiftness at decision-making and content supply. We are trying to relieve the client of as much additional work as possible, so we usually offer to prepare the site’s content on the basis of either the client’s existing webpage or the provided brief. This might significantly speed up the building process; moreover, the client is assured that the contents have been written in accordance with the rules of online journalism, SEO and content marketing.

What is the cost of service support and what are its components?

After the expiration of the warranty period, our clients may choose from several models of additional service support. At a low monthly fee we might conduct regular WordPress and plug-in updates, as well as take care of system maintenance. Further expansion of the website and the introduction of minor modifications are either priced as a lump sum or charged according to hourly settlements. For clients wishing to extend the range of their collaboration with Lama Media, we offer attractive discounts.

How are man-hours within service support tracked?

At Lama Media we work according to an original system of task and time tracking which carefully gathers all related data. Our hourly rates may not be the lowest in the market but we guarantee our clients total transparency in how they are calculated. The end-costs of our services frequently prove to be a nice surprise for our clients because it is our iron rule at Lama Media to charge our customers exclusively for the real time devoted to their project.