We’re well aware that our patrons and friends have grown accustomed to our calendars with lamas. Hopefully the new style we have designed for 2015 will appeal to everyone!

Printing calendars with images of lamas and their kindred – alpacas, guanacos and vicuñas – has become an annual tradition at Lama Media, and one that we feel we should continue. Each year as Autumn wanes and Winter approaches, we hear this hopeful question: “Will there be calendars this year, too?”

2015 will mark the fourth edition of Lama Media calendars. This time we have decided on a brand new design: instead of the color black – which prevailed in previous years – now we have white; instead of the old logo – a new one, first time in print; instead of photos of lamas – we have drawings.

Two exceptionally talented draftswomen have joined our team for this year’s edition. Together they have created twelve scenes with lamas, each of which highlights a particular aspect of the services offered by Lama Media. The overall artistic conception has traditionally been our responsibility, so please, don’t ask what’s with the turtle on the cover!

If you still haven’t received our calendar, look for information on contests and competitions on our Facebook page. It’s good to start the New Year with Lama!