Responsive websites

The creation of excellent websites is a goal that we set for ourselves every day. An excellent website is defined by aesthetic and technological innovations, but above all is intuitive and meets the business objectives of the client.

Why us?

Do you need a responsive WordPress website, regardless of the size and complexity – this is what we specialize in. Our web development process is ideal for a complex range of sales, tens or hundreds of pages of content, many different user groups, and the need to achieve a variety of objectives within a single website. All the websites that we provide are responsive, so they can be easily used on computers and mobile devices. And for web apps we stick to cutting edge JavaScript frameworks (Node.js, Aurelia) which brings smooth experience to your users and market advantage to your product.

Why Lama media?

The whole process of website creation is performed within Lama Media. From business analysis and mentoring by experienced project managers, unique graphic designs, thoughtful UX design and reliable software solutions, to the organization and preparation of website content in accordance with the rules of online journalism, SEO and content marketing.

Why WordPress CMS?

Open Source solutions have many advantages for the customer. They mean that the customer is not technologically dependent on the company that built the website, do not generate licensing costs and, above all, allow intuitive and fast addition of content to the website. Our team of developers completes WordPress CMS with our own plug-ins, which increases the security of the system and allows perfect customization of the website to the needs of the customer.

Why research and tests?

Often, the best websites are those whose development has been preceded by in-depth research and analysis, and the launch preceded by uncompromising tests. The basic process of website creation at Lama Media involves analysis of statistics and internal tests of the website, including those on physical and emulated mobile devices. If it is required, and the budget allows it, we encourage our customers to expand the scope of preparation with research and in-depth interviews prior to the design of a new website; perform tests with users of the website optimization; and perform “white hat” safety tests before the final launch of the website. Our experience shows that this is a very worthwhile investment.

Why website care?

Cooperation does not end after the construction and launch of the website. Actually, it is only at that point that it truly begins. The needs and objectives of clients change over time, and the Internet itself is never static; yet the client’s website still needs to function, meeting their ever-changing business requirements while keeping pace with advancements in technology. This is why it is worth having an experienced web development partner you can count on. Lama Media focuses on long-term relationships with clients and a transparent model of post-implementation cooperation. Low fixed costs and a favorable hourly billing model make many of our customers choose to develop their websites in this way. For more information, see “How we work.”