Wroclaw on the Oder / WroclawNadOdra.pl

About the project

The service has been commissioned by the City of Wroclaw Promotional Office. Its main aim is to highlight the significance of the Oder river in the life of Wroclaw citizens. While building the information website we have focused on presenting the relationship between the city and the river both from the historical perspective and the contemporary context of cultural life in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw’s information website

Because WroclawNadOdra is an information service, while designing the website we had to consider the demands set by the editorial aspects of the page’s functioning, as well as account for varying intensity of events taking place on the Oder during the year. We hope to have succeeded in the task by preparing a somewhat unusual calendar, which is visible only during a particular season, and permanent graphic elements maintained in a trendy lifestyle outlook.


Wroclaw on the Oder / WroclawNadOdra.pl

The City Promotion Office is responsible for the marketing of the city of Wrocław both in the country and abroad. The main tasks of the office include promotion and tourist information management. Lama Media is responsible for running the BIP (public information bulletin) service, as well as for the concept and strategy of campaigns.


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