The Boston Consulting Group

About the project

The task required creating JavaScript interactives for The Boston Consulting Group. These tools would enable users to collect and analyze data about their company. It was supposed to help understand business problems and help solve them in order to enhance company’s efficiency. The effects of our work were described in an article from Harvard Business Review.

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How Robust Is Your Company?

This responsive website helps in examining how robust the company is, using personalized factors that show most environmental risks. To show results, we have used the Ternary Plot scheme. The tool is open to use for every manager.

How advanced is your company’s customer insight function?

The second tool was created to help understand the importance of listening to customer opinions before planning future company development. To provide a comprehensive analysis of the company’s situation, we have decided to express the percentage in two decimal places.

Each tool was developed in JavaScript using advanced front-end web development.


The Boston Consulting Group

BCG is a global management consulting company dedicated to helping organizations from over 40 countries build their unique business strategy. It is considered as one of the ‘Big Three’ - world’s three largest strategy consulting firms.


responsive web development, optimisation, mobile, web design, front-end, UX/UI

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