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We developed a WooCommerce-based webshop for Zzysh, a Swiss start-up company that offers massive improvements in wine and champagne storage. Using smart technologies they make it possible to keep wine fresh and champagne bubbly up to 6 weeks. This project was fully developed in Agile SCRUM methodology.

Back end and Woocommerce for Zzysh

Although the design was provided by the client, we were in charge of the website’s back end. The goal was both to present the innovative product, and create an intuitive e-commerce platform. In order to allow the client to moderate content easily, we used WordPress CMS integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. To shorten load speed of the Zzysh website, we connected it with a Content Delivery Network – Amazon Cloud and Amazon S3 & Amazon EC2.

Zyysh in TV SHOW – “Die Höhle der Löwen”

The founder of Zzysh – Manfred Juni – had a chance to show his unique product in a Vox TV show – Die Höhle der Löwen, where entrepreneurs present start-up ideas. Having the show’s previous user flow data in mind, we decided to take special care of the website’s server. It was eventually able to handle 10-15k users per minute and easily managed intesified traffic during PPC campaign lead by adX Search agency. Over the whole day the website was visited by 50k unique users. In spite of Manfred not winning the show, the performance is considered to be a great success, that helped to promote the product and achieve high-volume sales.

Watch Zzysh in the TV show >>



Zzysh is a Switzerland-based start-up founded by Manfred Juni that brings massive changes in wine and champagne storage. Zzyshs products make it possible to keep wine fresh and champagne bubbly up to 6 weeks.


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