Wrocław Airport

About the project

We acquired this project following our victory in a nationwide contest in which we beat 25 companies from all over Poland. It was definitely worth all the efforts because today airport.wroclaw.pl is a smoothly functioning, feature-rich and intuitive award winning design website used by nearly 100,000 travellers each month – which in its own right proves the top quality work we have performed.


The particular problem we had to deal with while building the webpage for Wroclaw Airport, was the amount of information expected by users of services of that type. To make sure we would be delivering the most relevant input, we conducted a number of analyses researching elements which would be most valued and sought after by users. Then, we did a full research on visitors behaviour and what they may be looking.On the basis of our findings, we designed and then optimised the key components of the service, such as its landing page, terminal plan, or flight timetables.

The web page has been awarded the Forbes e-Diamond.

In the end we arrived at a final outcome which runs trouble-free on all devices and is predominantly intuition-operated. During the several years of service support we have so far added new functionalities, such as online parking ticket purchase.


Wrocław Airport

Wrocław Airport is a modern and constantly modernized facility with growing importance on the aerial map of Europe and the world. In 2014 the airport served over 2 million passengers.


information architecture, optimisation, mobile, webdevelopment, front-end, webdesign, UX/UI, analysis, responsive web desing, conception

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